Tips when buying a used vehicle.

What to look out for and what to ask for?

Kilometers of car

1) Maintenance manual or maintenance card for a company car, known as bookservice. It is the necessary maintenance certificate that proves the validity of its kilometers.

2) KTEO Certificate. Ask for the latest KTEO of the car, where the findings of the technical inspection and the kilometers are listed in detail. The common communication base (online) of KTEO, gives you the opportunity to verify the data that will be presented to you.

3) Registration certificate for imported cars. It is a document issued during the customs clearance process of imported vehicles in our country and lists the kilometers of the car when it is imported.

Copy of technical inspection

Every car, no matter how attractive it looks from the outside, can hide unexpected surprises. Ask for a copy of the vehicle technical inspection and check it with a trusted technician.

Body repairs

To avoid buying a car that has structural repairs (chassis, beak, floor, canopies), consult bodybuilding experts.

Marketing Authorization

The license plate lists the details of the owner and the details of the car based on the manufacturer. Pay close attention to the notes on the back. There you will see:

1) Retention of title. If the car you want to buy bears the note < < retention of ownership >& gt ;, it means that ownership is in the hands of a third party, such as e.g. credit institutions (bank, previous owner, etc.). To be transferable, it must be fully owned by the seller.

2) Imported cars. It would be good to check at the customs office where the import took place, to make sure that the car has no financial issues and you are not in the awkward position of paying outstanding debts.

Chassis number ( VIN NUMBER )

The chassis number is the unique vehicle identification number. With it you control the production of a car, its technical characteristics and the date of its introduction in our country. By referring to the authorized service, you can verify its exact history. Be careful if there is any damage to the chassis number and do not hesitate to do a thorough inspection.