A great step for a future without accidents

Toyota’s many years of knowledge and experience as well as the unceasing research it conducts have led to an amazing result with innovative technologies, which makes our cars one of the safest in the world. Toyota’s goal is to reduce road accidents and why not eliminate them in the future. By adding advanced safety features to its base models, Toyota is taking another big step, globally, for extremely safe vehicles.

Innovative Active Safety System in Standard equipment

The human instinct activates specific functions when driving in order to avoid dangers: recognition, judgment and the ability to maneuver. By studying human behavior, but also real road conditions, Toyota utilizes this knowledge, giving active safety technology a new dimension. It turns it into an innovation through the Toyota Safety Sense system, adding to the existing features, 4 technologies contributing decisively to a safer car, with substantial support to the driver, preventing or warning of dangerous situations.

Collision Avoidance System

Unforeseen obstacles or the driver’s momentary lack of attention can lead to a collision. This system prevents or avoids conflict thanks to the timely identification of an obstacle.

It constantly monitors the environment in front of the vehicle in the speed range (from 15 to 140km / h) to determine the possibility of a collision. As an intelligent system, it initially urges human intervention, warning the driver audibly and visually to brake. At the same time it gives extra braking power when the driver presses the pedal. If the driver does not intervene, the system slows down or stops the vehicle. Toyota’s Collision Avoidance System is the only one that includes three technologies:

• Forward Collision Warning
• Pre-Collision Brake Assist
• Autonomous Emergency Braking

Lane Change Alert System

Unwanted lane change without warning is one of the most common causes of accidents. This system warns of unintentional lane change.

Using a camera to detect lane dividers on the road will alert the driver with an audible and visual signal when the vehicle starts to deviate from its course and the turn signals are not activated. Thus the driver is able to make the corrective move that will return him to his lane.

Automatic Headlight Operation

Limited visibility at night in combination with the lights of the opposite car tires the driver and increases the chance of accidents. This system ensures relaxed and safe driving on dark roads.

Designed to optimize night-time visibility for anyone on the road. A camera detects the lights of a passing vehicle as well as the headlights, while at the same time controlling the brightness of the street lighting. Automatically switches between large and small range for safer driving at night.